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Why Cashback Coin?
  • Secure Payment: All transactions will be processed via blockchain technology to ensure privacy and security.
  • Simple & Convenient: Skip keying in any of your personal particulars every time you make a transaction.
  • Get Cash Back: Enjoy CashBack just by using Cashback coin to get Items on cash back coin at a Discounted Price.
Cash Back Coin Technical Specifications
  • Name: Cash Back Coin
  • Ticker: CABC
  • ​Algorithm: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 21,000,000 CABC
About Cash Back Coin
Cash Back Coin is a utility token that offers an economic opportunity for everyone with the help of blockchain.

We believe that through this system people are able to earn universal basic income just by spending on their basic needs through CashBack Coin platform.
Cash Back Coin Road Map
Cash Back Coin Features

Secure wallet

Wallet will be secured via Blockchain technology as Cashback coin is an ECR-20 token. 

More Savings

The more you spend on CABC, The more you will save.Enjoy all items/services in CABC platform at a discounted rate.

Peer to Peer Transaction

Running as an ERC-20 Token, Cashback coin allows you do any transaction to anyone with an Ethereum wallet almost instantly. 

Track Your spending and saving. 

Cashback coin would have a full transaction history of how you spent Cashback coin since day 1 of using Cashback coin. Every transaction will be recorded in the blockchain.
Token Allocation
How It Works?
  • Simply spend CABC on Cashback Platform.
  • ​While Purchasing using Cashback coin entitles you to get item at the Discounted Price.
  • ​Save up and purchase more things that you like!

Cash Back Coin Is Officially Listed!

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